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Animal Rescue No-Kill Non-Profit Organization in West Grove

Wagon Tailz Animal Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization based in West Grove, PA. We are committed to standing against animal abuse and cruelty and to encouraging the spread of awareness about what it means to own an animal through responsible pet ownership, housing conditions, and caretakers. Our goal is to save precious lives and find new forever homes for all of our animals. We go beyond the typical volunteer efforts and have a direct impact on the lives of animals by moving each pet from their current living conditions, whether it is from a shelter, a backyard breeder, a puppy mill, a bad situation, or any other scenario where something needs to be done.
We care about all types of dogs—big and small, short-haired and long-haired alike—and all adoption proceeds will support the cost of medical care, vaccinations, and any other requirements that the adoptive pets might need. We are proud to be dedicated to educating the public by showing them what responsibility and respect look like when it comes to taking care of an animal.
If you are looking to help support a worthwhile cause, please consider donating to Wagon Tailz Animal Rescue. No donation is too small, and no amount of money donated will be wasted; every penny goes directly to helping our four-legged friends! Also, if you’re interested in adopting, we always welcome those interested and have more information on our website. Overall, our aim is to assist and provide all animals who have suffered from bad circumstances and neglect with the best life possible. We hope you’ll join our family and be part of the mission to help us fight against animal cruelty!

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